Experimental, Drama - *WINNER of MUSICBED CHALLENGE 2019*

> A woman keeps reliving the morning of her death.


“UNEARTHED” (2019)

Drama, Short Film - *Post-production*
Co-production with Brew Films for the Alexa Challenge.
Supported by Directors UK and ARRI

> Julia, a pregnant geologist in her 40s, while working for a fracking company, finds her colleague murdered and now has to face a community of folkloric superstitions.

“PINK POOL” (2019)

Dramedy, Short Film - *In Festival Circuit*

> When no one shows up to her birthday party, young Agnès makes all thewrong choices.

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“7 PLANETS” (2018)

Sci-fi Drama, Short Film - *In Festival Circuit*
Supported by Other Brother Studios Film Fund

> A tale of one girl’s dream to escape Planet  Earth.

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Drama, Micro-Short Film
Nikon Film Festival - 9ème Édition

> A late night conversation between two opposites on how to share a life with somebody.


“APPLES” (2017) 

Drama, Student Short Film 

> When a young village misfit gets a job at a local apple orchard, the already cold relationship with his grandfather is challenged. 

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“LEMONS” (2020)

Romantic Dramedy, Short Film
> An over-confident thirtysomething approaches a mysterious boy gang to help him get his girlfriend back. The boys have an agenda of their own. 

“HALINA” (2020)

Romantic Dramedy, Short Film

> 27-year-old, emotionally exhausted and confused Halina goes on another meaningless date to treat her poisoned heart.

“WHO’S LARRY?” (2020)

Coming-of-Age Dramedy, Short Film

> Young Simon befriends a voice-controlled phone assistant who accidentally prepares him for the real challenges in life.


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